Who We Serve


Extreme Response is dedicated to helping people living in extreme, sometimes life-threatening conditions. We assist people living in poverty and/or in danger, with little hope of improving their situations. Our goal is to come alongside these people, offering them immediate help and sustainable support.

Who are these people? Following are profiles of the people we are serving today.



Children are especially vulnerable in developing countries. From ER’s beginning days in the Quito Dump, we’ve recognized and addressed the needs of children. Specifically, ER currently supports abandoned, abused, neglected and orphaned children through our support of Children’s Homes in Ecuador, Haiti, Kenya, Malawi, Peru, South Africa and The Philippines.

Working through both staff and local partners, ER helps provide these children with nutrition, nurturing, education, social interaction, and hope for the future.

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ER began in a city dump in Quito, Ecuador. It was there that we identified the plight of the workers, who at that time often lived in the dump. These workers faced numerous challenges, including poverty, unsafe work conditions, lack of daycare for their children, lack of education, medical and dental issues, poor self-image, and social ostricization. Many of these people were second- or third-generation dump workers who had no hope for a better future.

ER comes alongside dump workers to provide:

  • High-quality daycare
  • Affordable medical and dental assistance
  • Kids programs
  • Nutrition help and information
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Annual Christmas celebrations
  • Help with housing (we build at least one new home annually)

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The number of people living in abject poverty worldwide is staggering. ER and our partners come alongside people who are living in unsafe conditions, often without a steady source of income or support.

Here are a few of the situations ER and our partners address:

  • People living in squatter communities
  • People without a consistent source of clean drinking water
  • People without a steady source of food and nutrition
  • Children suffering from diarrhea (sometimes resulting in death)
  • People with HIV/AIDS, TB and other diseases
  • People without education or employment opportunities

ER and our partners offer solutions that lead to sustainability. These include counseling, skills training, co-op programs, micro-businesses, and low-cost housing.

To learn more about how ER serves the poor, click here.



Children and adults who live on the streets are common in developing countries. ER believes that in order to help change the lives of street people, we need to provide both short- and long-term support. This is why we work with our partners who operate community centers and drop-in centers. These centers allow people to:

  • Receive nutritious meals
  • Receive counseling
  • Receive education and training
  • Receive life-skill and job training
  • Take showers and improve hygiene

ER and our partners are actively engaged in helping street people in each of our regions we operate – Africa, Asia and The Americas.

Learn more about ER global partners and the programs that address street people here.



As ER has expanded globally, we’ve realized that women unfairly bear the burden of poverty. Not only do women handle most child raising responsibilities, they often are limited in their ability to get an education and generate income. Even worse, some are forced into the sex trade. That’s why we’ve made Women's Empowerment one or our core initiatives.

ER and our partners come alongside women to provide:

  • Counseling
  • Job skills training
  • Life skills training
  • Leadership development
  • Nutrition and health training
  • Safe house programs

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