You Helped Madi Triumph Over Tragedies

ER’s Anne Benavidez shares the inspirational story of Madi, whose life has been positively disrupted through ER’s Golden Hands life skills program in Metro Manila. Supporters like you make this possible.

Madilyn “Madi” Urbano, 41, is a widow and a mother of two kids, 14 and 12 years old. When she shares her story, she is an “open book” – emotional and tearful. Madi has faced several tragic events, including the deaths of her brother, mother, and husband.

One month after her husband died, Madi became sick, was hospitalized, and almost died. She felt hopeless, weak, tired and alone. With nowhere to turn for help, she tried to make a living selling fish balls and fries and cleaning a condo part-time, but she couldn’t make enough income to support her family. She prayed for God’s empathy and comfort.

Madi’s life began to change after she was invited to attend Golden Hands Livelihood training. In addition to training to become seamstresses, we study the Bible. During our first study, Madi cried because the devotion spoke directly to her life challenges. She realized God heard her prayers and she was not alone. In fact, the day before, Madi’s boss at the condo asked her to work daily instead of one day a week. Her prayers were being answered!

Our weekly devotions opened Madi’s heart to the Gospel. All those trials brought her closer to God and Jesus. Madi started attending church with her kids, who found a place in youth group and the music ministry.

Madi then took a bold step and shared that she and her kids wanted to be baptized in order to follow Jesus. We celebrated when they were baptized in November. Madi also began attending an online discipleship group on Saturday nights. Her faith was growing rapidly.

Madi shares what she learns in our studies with her kids and neighbors. This has brought the family closer together as they learn to trust God. Madi believes God gave her second chance in life to fulfill a mission –testifying about Jesus and bringing her neighbors to God.

Today, when you look at Madi, she exudes joy. She still cries when she shares, but her tears no longer reflect pain and sorrow. They are tears of joy. God is with her and listens to her. She has found a family with Golden Hands, her teachers, and her classmates. They are there to listen and guide her, and learn from one another. Madi and her children have a bright future!

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