About ER Canada

ER-Canada-Paul--LindaExtreme Response Canada is a Canadian Charity that works to change the lives of people in extreme, often life-threatening, situations around the world. ER Canada helps administer programs – often in partnership with community-based organizations – to assist those in need, with a particular emphasis on at-risk children and women.

ER-Canada-Hungry-Malawi-KidThose programs include outreach to orphans, dump dwellers and refugees; people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS; people with no access to clean drinking water, proper medical care or education; and others living in extreme poverty. Through this work, ER Canada addresses critical physical needs such as shelter for the homeless, food for the hungry, love for the discouraged, and education, school supplies and life-skills training for those in need of opportunity.

ER-Canada-Volunteer-Hugging-KidsER Canada grew out of a 2005 trip to Quito, Ecuador, where its founders witnessed the work of Extreme Response International first-hand. After a year of research, planning and administrative procedures, Extreme Response Canada was granted Canadian Charity Status by the Canada Revenue Agency in June 2006, with the ability to issue tax-deductible receipts for donations made by Canadians.

ER Canada regularly sends short-term volunteers to provide humanitarian support around the world. You can see one of their teams in action in Pacoche, Ecuador here.

ER Canada also operates awareness and fundraising events annually. Check out the annual banquet and bike ride.

To donate to ER Canada, click here or send your check, payable to Extreme Response Canada, to:

Extreme Response Canada
P.O. Box 1013
Simcoe, ON N3Y 5B3

Want to volunteer or send a work team to an ER Canada project? Contact us at infocanada@extremeresponse.org


Life Change: We want to see lives changed physically, emotionally and spiritually. We start by meeting physical needs, and all donations to ER are used directly or indirectly for that purpose. Addressing physical needs opens doors to build relationships that then lead to emotional and spiritual life change.

Strong Relationships and Personal Involvement: In addition to relationships with those we serve, we strive to build relationships with our partners, donors and volunteers. We want our supporters to be personally involved in bringing about life change, so we create opportunities for hands-on work with ER programs and partners, which leads to our next core value:

Transparency and Accountability: Personal involvement enables supporters to see our transparency and hold us and our partners accountable. Thus, we invite and encourage =donors to travel with us and see what we do, and how we do it.

Partnerships: We believe working in partnership with community-based national organizations is the most effective way to change lives. Our partners understand their respective local cultures, customs and needs, and the local communities hold those partners accountable to deliver what they have promised. We desire to help our partners achieve maximum impact in their communities by providing resources, encouragement, leadership and organizational development.