Short-Term Teams

Extreme-Teams-1Have you ever looked at those living in extreme situations and wished you could do something to help them have a better life? By ourselves, we can do much. Imagine what we can accomplish together!

As an Extreme Team, a group of you can make a difference in the life of a child...a parent...a family...a community. Working alongside one of our programs or one of our partner organizations — local groups working with their own people in their own home country — you can change a life. It might be your own.

Extreme-Teams-2Extreme Team volunteers are our lifeline. The lives that are changed would not be possible without those who give so generously of their time and their talents. Volunteers of all different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds — including business owners, students, accountants, graphic designers and stay-at-home parents to name a few — from all over the world are essential to our mission of changing lives.

Extreme Teams are typically made up of nine to 25 volunteers from the same affiliate with the desire to help change lives through Extreme Response and our partners. These teams are designed to best support the community’s needs by using the individual team member's talents and knowledge.

We accept teams that are sponsored by a variety of different organizations, such as businesses, schools and churches. These groups have their own criteria for their team members. However, we also ask that each team member agree to a code of conduct approved by Extreme Response.

Extreme-Teams-3Our teams are involved in projects that directly meet the needs of those living in extreme situations, such as construction, housing, medical, nutritional, children’s clubs and educational needs. They are also encouraged to develop relationships with the people they serve. These relationships are the primary catalyst for the changed lives that result.

As an international organization with four programs and multiple partnerships, we are able to provide you and your team with benefits and opportunities that other organizations may not be able to provide.

With your team’s help we are able to better serve, teach and care for our international communities. With your help we can change countless lives around the world — and yours may be one of them.

Benefits of creating your own Extreme Team

Extreme-Teams-4With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the benefits of volunteering are enormous to you, your family, your organization and your community. The right non-profit organization will help you and your team have an authentic experience, grow as individuals and as a team, and have a positive, life-changing experience. An Extreme Teams experience comes with many benefits that other organizations may not be able to offer: A proven track record, flexibility, growth opportunities, less stress and authenticity.

Proven Track Record

Extreme-Teams-5Over the course of nearly 22 years as a registered not-for-profit organization, we have successfully led countless Extreme Team projects. We have many years of combined years of experience between our Extreme Team Leaders. This wealth of “on the ground” experience has well-equipped us to solve problems as they arise and foster a healthy team environment, resulting in smooth integration of your team into a partner’s environment, cultural sensitivity and project understanding.


You will work closely with our team coordinators to design a volunteer experience that will meet your goals and advance our humanitarian outreach. We will work together to decide where you go, when you go, what you do and how long you stay. One of the advantages of our organization’s operation with 30 partners in nine countries is the wealth of opportunities for your team to help change lives. We can work with you to determine which one of our partner’s programs fits your team’s talents and desires best.


Extreme-Teams-6As part of an Extreme Team, you and your colleagues can expect to experience personal growth, team unity, long-lasting friendships, strengthened abilities and development of new skill sets.

Less Stress, More Enjoyment

Allowing us to lead your team will greatly minimize the stress, risk and time demands that come with a trip of this magnitude. Project details, lodging, meals, local transportation and legalities are among the many details we have the expertise to manage. Additionally, we know the project area, speak the language, have the capability to handle red-tape issues, and only work with organizations that are proven, vetted and held accountable.


Extreme-Teams-7By working with Extreme Response and our partners you will have multiple opportunities for genuine interaction with the local citizens, resulting in an authentic cultural experience. Your team will work side-by-side with local community members, spend time with other Extreme Teams from different parts of the world, enjoy local cuisine, and experience area sites and attractions on a sightseeing excursion.

5 Programs, 30 Partners, 9 Countries = Endless Volunteer Opportunities

Mention volunteering with a humanitarian organization such as ours, and one thing usually comes to mind: physical labor. The reality, however is that there are a multitude of opportunities for you and your team to get involved.

Our needs include medical professionals who can perform, teach and assist with healthcare programs, teachers who can help teach children and adults - as well as develop educational programs - and business leaders who can mentor the leaders of these smaller international organizations. These are just a few examples. There are diverse opportunities available for anyone of any background.

The following are examples of past Extreme Team projects that may help your team decide what kind of project they would like to take on.

Annual Christmas Celebrations

Each year dozens of volunteers help out at our annual Christmas outreaches in Ecuador, South Africa and the Philippines. These groups come together to help encourage our partners as they reach out to their communities to build life-changing relationships.


Sixteen physical therapy students from Northeastern University traveled to Ecuador to partner with For His Children in helping youngsters with disabilities and training staff in proper therapy for the children.

Women Empowerment

Woodside Bible Church of Troy, Michigan, has sent three teams of women to work with our partners in South Africa (Living Hope and New Beginnings) and the Philippines (Youth Mobilization). These teams put on mini-women’s conferences, with a focus on building self-esteem and showing love to mothers who carry the burden of poverty.


A family from Houston, Texas, traveled to Sinekono, South Africa, to help with the renovation of a small house used to feed over 150 children two meals each day. Their employer financed the addition of running water and electricity to the nutrition center.

Home Provisions

A team from Omaha, Nebraska, has done multiple “Extreme Home Makeovers” for families who work in the Quito Dump. They have helped build the homes, bought furnishings (from beds and stoves right down to toothbrushes) and decorated the bedrooms for the kids.

Community Development

Past teams have helped put in water systems and wells in Malawi with Kindle Orphan Outreach, not only to bring clean drinking water and irrigation systems to the communities they work with, but to build trust and relationships with the people there as well.

Children’s Homes

Teams from the U.S. have traveled to Kenya to work with BELWOP Rescue Center. They have helped with facility maintenance by painting, cleaning and repairing the buildings. They also spend time getting to know the children by playing, reading to them, making crafts and just loving on them.

Extreme Teams

A team made up of family members donated their time to help an ER partner in Carcelen and Latacunga, Ecuador, by painting the preschool classroom, serving meals to the nighttime dump workers at the Zambiza Dump, and playing with the children everywhere they went.

To sign up your team, visit our dedicated Web page or email

Don’t Take our Word for It...See What Others Are Saying

On an annual basis we have an average of 200 volunteers helping our organization and our partner organizations by serving throughout the world. Here are a few testimonials from those who have served.

What I remember most about an Extreme Response Christmas Celebration is the pure joy expressed by those living challenging lives. – Tim Fausch, Rochester Hills, Michigan

Volunteering through Extreme Response was the perfect first volunteer trip. There is so much interaction with the people you are helping. You see the grit of their lives. The trip makes it more personal and impacts your perspective. – Julie Wendel, Noblesville, Indiana

I was painting this little girl's nails and this other little girl standing next to me reached up and put her hand on my face and smiled at me. Although I do not speak Spanish, that said it all! I will never forget that sweet face. – Sandy Maljak

One of the things we love about Extreme Response is that it is small enough to know everyone and, as a result, there is a naturally higher level of accountability. From a donor perspective, it’s exciting to be part of an organization filled with people we love and caring for people we want to help. At the same time we are provided opportunities to get to meet those we want to help and love them with more than just money. – Julie and Joe Wendel, Noblesville, Indiana

Coming here has helped make me see more clearly people who are in need. I am hoping to change the way I see things in my life. It’s been a lot of fun. I had a great time in Quito. – Lauren Moyer