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2020 Christmas Teams in South Africa, Ecuador and the Philippines

We canceled volunteer travel to all three of our Christmas Outreach locations in 2020 because of the global pandemic and the uncertainty of border openings and possible re-closings. Plan to join us in 2021! Dates, locations and prices will be published soon.

The good news is our staff in Ecuador, South Africa and the Philippines will still hold Christmas celebrations with local partners as funds allow. To comply with local COVID-19 restrictions, these parties require creative approaches and flexible strategies, which we’re developing. We remain committed to bringing Christmas to as many vulnerable kids as we can!


We need your support! Click below and designate your gift “Christmas Celebrations.”


This year will be the first since 1998 that we haven’t had a travel team to help us fund and put on Christmas parties. It has been such a difficult year for the families we (and our partners) minister to. Nearly all of the adults have been out of work. There are few funds to provide food for their families, let alone small gifts or treats for Christmas. They are in need of encouragement and we want to be a light in this time of darkness.

How you can help… to do this, we need help financing this year’s Christmas Outreach. Would you donate to these parties so more children can receive a meal and a present, participate in some fun and hear the Christmas story? This year, $20 will cover the costs for a child and possibly an entire family. Any amount will help.


Donate here and select “Christmas Celebrations”. Thank you for helping!

Each year, we celebrate Christmas with thousands of the amazing people we serve. These celebrations bring hope to the hopeless, build trust and cultivate relationships that Extreme Response has developed with those who have been forgotten by society.

Christmas Outreach Teams serve with Extreme Response staff members, partners and local volunteers as we provide gifts, food, games, crafts, face painting and lots of hugs. We accept volunteers who are sponsored by their company, school or church, as well as those coming as individuals, all of whom form a single team serving under ER leadership. Christmas Outreach Teams are made up of people from various countries, cultures, races and religious affiliations.

For the South Africa team, we require team members to be a minimum of 16 years old and in good health. Our Quito Team may accept family groups with children, depending on space and the ages of the children. Contact us for more information about this.


Learn more about the impact of our Christmas Teams.

Volunteer Opportunities: You will be asked to serve in a variety of ways: Preparing gift bags, collecting supplies, preparing and serving food, face painting, crafts, games, crowd control, party admissions and other party-related tasks. See a short slideshow featuring our 2019 Christmas teams here.


For more information contact us at christmas@extremeresponse.org.

Don’t Take our Word for It… See What Team Members Are Saying


On an annual basis we have an average of 200 volunteers helping our organization and our partner organizations by serving throughout the world. Here are a few testimonials from those who have served.

“I have been on 7 teams all to Ecuador. I learned how bad the poverty actually is in Quito and the surrounding areas. Each time I return to Ecuador, I am humbled and become more thankful that I can help make a difference in another part of the world.”

Evan Kleinhaus

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

“I have been a part of four Christmas teams in South Africa, the Philippines and Ecuador. Each trip was completely unique. I’ve grown and stretched out of my comfort zone every time. I love seeing how ER supports its partners. Caring for people in the field is so important. My passion is to encourage and uplift those who serve people who are needy and hurting. That’s why I love serving with ER. They go into communities with a heart to serve, equip and build people up. I want to be a part of that!”

Terri Ramos

Santa Maria, California

“I’ve been on 10 Christmas teams in ER’s three regions, as well as longer volunteer stints in Ecuador and Manila. I’ve been fascinated by the different partners ER works with to see the diversity of support and learn how locally run partner organizations use different approaches to support local needs. I love watching the children I have worked with grow up and I treasure the international friendships I have made at the parties.”

Louise Carver

Bristol, United Kingdom

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Short-Term Volunteers and Career Staff are vital to the success of Extreme Response and our programs. Without you, we would not be able to change as many lives as we do. We mobilize people to serve others through volunteering, career work and advocating.


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