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ER Dream Centers enable individuals, families, schools, businesses and groups to partner with us by volunteering and donating. Currently, we have Dream Centers in Cavite, the Philippines; Fish Hoek and Limpopo, South Africa; and Quito, Ecuador. More are planned for Metro Manila. Each Dream Center team customizes programming to meet local needs.


The Cavite Dream Center is located just outside of Metro Manila. Newly launched in September 2022, this Dream Center will serve an at-risk community filled with children who need education reinforcement. The families living here want what you want for your children and grandchildren – the opportunity to learn, advance and graduate. The kids who attend receive nutritious meals, safe computer access, homework help, and daily encouragement.

 We have invested countless hours training and preparing for this Dream Center and have built an outstanding team, headed by ER’s Jason Chappell. We’re especially blessed to have Geraldine (Gie) Pineda as our Lead Educator. She is a humble, loving teacher who is as passionate about the Lord as she is about teaching. The children are in great hands. Pray with us that we’ll help these kids stay in school, thrive in their education, and become strong leaders in their homes and communities.


The Fish Hoek Dream Center is located near Cape Town, South Africa, and focuses on kids in grades 1-5. The children attending these programs are from high-poverty settlements. Their families have few resources and most kids do not finish high school. Some are from refugee families who are learning a new language and culture.

The Dream Center provides a safe early and primary learning environment for children at risk for falling behind academically. ER staff members discovered why kids were falling behind. They noticed the children responded with blank stares when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

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The Limpopo Dream Center is located in northeast South Africa. It launched in August 2021 with great excitement. We partnered with Jabulani Africa Ministries to bring it to fruition. This Dream Center will serve a community that is desperate to break free from poverty. They want to see their children excel in school and graduate. Kids who attend the Dream Center will receive nutritious meals, homework help, mentoring, and daily encouragement.

We’ve spent the prior year solidifying the location, procuring facilities, meeting with community leaders, and training staff. We were even able to install a new playground!

We’re especially blessed to have Prudence Siweya leading the teaching team. The children will receive great instruction and loving care. Our staff members in Fish Hoek remain heavily invested in seeing this program flourish. They will be a great resource to help the Limpopo team succeed.


The Quito Dream Center is located in the heart of Quito, Ecuador. It launched originally as a daycare in the Quito Dump and grew into an after-school program. Forty-plus kids meet in the Quito Family Resource Center, a facility we lease to support the Quito Recycling Community where they receive life-skills training, exercise and cooking classes, and Bible studies.

In recent years the Quito Dream Center program has been consistently upgraded. Kids eat nutritious meals, get supervised access to computers to do homework, and receive instruction from certified local teachers. Older kids receive mentoring. Two of the Dream Center children graduated from high school this spring, something that used to be rare in the community.

We’re excited to watch these kids thrive as they complete their schooling, grow in their faith, and pursue sustainable and fulfilling lives.

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Short-Term Volunteers and Career Staff are vital to the success of Extreme Response and our programs. Without you, we would not be able to change as many lives as we do. We mobilize people to serve others through volunteering, career work and advocating.

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