Great Grandfather Treasures Investing in Kids

Chuck Slick isn’t your typical 82-year-old great grandfather. A widower since his wife Mickey passed in 2008, the Bedford, PA, resident uses his time investing in the futures of vulnerable kids who live on the other side of the world. Chuck does this by both volunteering as a teacher at the Fish Hoek, South Africa, Dream Center after-school program and by donating to the Fish Hoek Dream Center.

Investing In KidsChuck first met some ER staff during a trip to Ecuador, but it was during a vision trip to South Africa in 2009 when he was struck with compassion for the Dream Center children. His desire to help the kids turned into more trips where he has served as a volunteer, helping kids with their homework and encouraging them through love and engagement.

“One thing I appreciate about the Dream Center experience is the children recognize someone loves and cares about them beyond their immediate circumstances,” Chuck said. “They are surrounded by Godly love and affection at the Dream Center. It affords children an opportunity to learn there is more to life than the discouraging surroundings to which they are subjected.”

Asked what he enjoys most about volunteering at the Dream Center, Chuck says, “The children! I enjoy watching them arrive, their smiles, feeling their hugs, helping them with their homework, loving on them and praying for them. It’s a blessing to pray for and be concerned for them from a distance, but it’s a ‘little bit of heaven’ to be in their presence.

“I’ve enjoyed several special moments with the kids. One memorable moment took place the day before I left South Africa for home. Uncle Ron (Ron Townsend, Dream Center co-director) had us gather for the traditional ‘cupcake’ send-off. Several children expressed their goodbyes and Uncle Ron prayed for me.

“Then came the special moment. Manie* stayed and waited until the other children pulled away. He then put his arms around my neck, hugged me hard and said, ‘Don’t leave. I love you. When are you coming back?’ I had only helped him with his homework a few times. I hadn’t realized I had made such a big impression.”

Investing in Kids

Chuck said he first became aware of the need for funding for children through a Facebook post and decided to invest in their futures.

“My donation is an investment; a concern for the life of a child created by our God, who through no fault of their own lives in poverty. It’s not a guilt investment; it’s a decision to give a child better life. I can’t make a difference in every child’s life, but I can make a difference in some lives.”

Like other staff and volunteers involved in the Dream Center, Chuck sees bright futures for the children.

“I’m encouraged by what I see of the physical improvement to the Dream Center facilities. It emphasizes ER’s concern  to develop positive attitudes in the children. I pray to see the children grow into productive individuals with a love for Christ. It may be improbable that all of them will succeed economically, but it’s not impossible for all of them to come to know Christ.”

“I believe the Lord can and will use anyone of any age if they are capable and willing to serve. They may not be available to go, but they can pray and/or give to those who do.”

Be like Chuck! Invest in a child by donating to ER Dream Centers or by volunteering in South Africa, Ecuador or the Philippines.

*Named changed for privacy.

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