Rayne Dance: From Tragedy to Triumph

Investing in vulnerable children gives us a front row seat to seeing incredible life change. Take Rayne*, who experienced a severe childhood accident that could have left her crushed and hopeless. Instead, Rayne dances with joy.

By Amy Townsend, Fish Hoek Dream Center Co-Director

Rayne started coming to the Fish Hoek Dream Center in 2016 when she began grade 1. The 13-year-old’s family is from Malawi and lives in a settlement called Masiphumelele in South Africa. Rayne is now in grade 6 and has an amazing story.

When Rayne was two years old, a pot of boiling water was knocked off the open-fire stove and she was badly burned. She was attending God’s Little Lighthouse (GLL) at the time. The director received a phone call from her mother when this happened and recalled rehearing Rayne screaming in the background.

After being hospitalized, Rayne returned to GLL with bandages covering most of body. Many doubted Rayne would even walk again.

The doubters were wrong!

Rayne has proven to have an unquenchable spirit. With help from her family, the GLL, the Dream Center and lots of prayer, she has become a shining light to those around her.

She runs, plays and participates in every Dream Center activity. Rayne even dances with a a group called Kingdom Dancers and has completed her first medal team with a distinguished rating.


Over the years, Rayne also has participated in music and swimming lessons, the Swim Like a Shark program, typing, art, the running club and photography club.

Rayne excels in quite a few activities. She is a junior marine biologist with Two Oceans Aquarium after we partnered with them during the pandemic lockdown. She loves being a Reading Buddy to the grade 1 children. This year, Rayne has received a “Top 10 Award” for terms 2 and 3, meaning she is one of the top 10 students in her grade.

Today, the Dream Center is a stabilizing focus in Rayne’s life. She is showing great potential in many ways!

Kufara Blossoms at Fish Hoek DC

When Kufara first attended the Fish Hoek Dream Center in grade 1, we though she might have a learning disability. She was extremely shy.

Shalom BlossomsNow in grade 5, she works hard, her schoolwork is exceptional and she gets great marks!

Kufara works independently most of the time and eagerly participates in any Dream Center clubs and activities like typing, photography, and even skateboarding. She lives in a nearby settlement with her parents and sister (who is currently in grade 1 at the Dream Center). Her mother is a domestic worker and her father works at a mechanics shop.

Kufara dreams of becoming a doctor and we believe she can do it! She is one of more than 30 kids who have found a pathway to hope at the Fish Hoek Dream Center.

When you donate to ER, you are helping kids like Rayne and Kufara overcome extreme hardship to find lasting hope through education, life skills, relationships and Christ.  We really need your support so we can keep helping kids. To give, click here. Thank you!

*Name changed for privacy

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