Do you ever wonder if livelihood training does any good? After all, participants often have low education, few incoming skills and almost no financial resources.

So here’s the true impact of what is happening in the Metro Manila community of Taytay, Rizal in Metro Manila. Last year the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), a government agency that works with community-based organizations in the Philippines, provided grants for 25 vulnerable women who participate in Extreme Response’s Pathway For Hope program. Our ER Asia team provided life skills and livelihood (sewing) training over several months.

The results are inspiring. All 25 students graduated the National Certificate Program. More importantly, the women are putting their sewing skills into action. Most of the graduates used their new skills to gain employment at a garment factory. Some have started their own small-scale sub-contracting operation to produce garments. And 14 of the women are developing a community enterprise they named “Pathway Designs”.

Imagine how much their lives have changed in just one year!

Another 25 Women to Receive Livelihood Training

This year, TESDA provided another scholarship grant for 25 more students that starts in November. It’s a blended learning program that includes in-person teaching and modules they will have to practice at home.

The training will take place in the Pathway For Hope community center in Taytay, Rizal. We will divide the 25 students into four groups in order to practice social distancing and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

We selected this year’s students using referrals from our graduates. The typical trainee is a mother whose husband has limited access to stable employment. By training people who are connected to our graduates, we provide the opportunity to help them build better relationships with their families and neighbors while strengthening the entire community.

Learn more about Pathway For Hope here.

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