Spitfire Turns From Trouble

Prior to joining the Cavite Dream Center (DC) in Metro Manila, Maggie* was a five-year-old spitfire, perhaps even a troublemaker. Even though she has a family and a home, she spent too much time on the streets acting out like other street kids. After she enrolled in the DC, her demeanor changed. Now, she’s respectful and even chastises other kids when they are disruptive.

Maggie was among the first kids to join the DC. She joined our vacation Bible school in June 2022. Her family lives near the church where we meet. Her auntie is a church worker and jumped at the chance to enroll Maggie.

Maggie lives with her dad and stepmom, who is pregnant with Maggie’s fourth sibling. They are thrilled with the changes in her behavior and have nothing but praise.

“I’m very happy and thankful about her changed behavior and excited for many wonderful things that are still yet to happen,” DC director Geraldine Pineda said.

“I love seeing the difference in Maggie. She is a joy to have in the center daily and is missed when she is absent. Not only has her behavior changed, but she has improved as a student. I see a joy in her that wasn’t present before. The first time I met Maggie, she didn’t smile much. Now, she smiles all the time,” DC coordinator Jason Chappell said.

 “We attribute Maggie’s turnaround to the love and attention she receives from the teachers and staff, the moral lessons we share, and daily prayer with the kids,” he added.

*Name changed for privacy.

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