Fulfill Your Purpose in the Philippines

Volunteering Opportunities abound in the Philippines

So you’ve heard about short-term volunteering overseas and you’re intrigued. But, you wonder, where in the world should you go and how can you make a real impact?

Fortunately for you, we have the solution to your dilemma –  connect with Extreme Response in the Philippines, Ecuador or South Africa. Our ER Asia team is stationed in Manila and we’re looking for short-term volunteers who seek a life-changing experience.

AmandaWhy Volunteer in the Philippines?

Heavily “Westernized” following World War II, the Philippines is a beautiful country filled with pockets of wealth and luxury surrounded by communities of poverty and struggle. ER Asia and our partners in the region are helping the people in those communities escape poverty, homelessness and lack of education. The work we do is rewarding. We provide hope to people who desperately need it.

Who Would I Help?

Generational poverty is a huge problem in the Philippines. Parents who struggle to provide food and shelter for their families often cannot afford to properly care for their kids. We’re trying to meet two huge needs – caring for street kids and providing access to education for impoverished families.

What Is ER Doing In Manila Today?

ER operates the Golden Hands Livelihood Educational Program, Pathway For Hope Community Development program, and, Lord willing, we will be launching three Dream Centers in Metro Manila in 2022.

Golden Hands is a skills-based educational and training program for impoverished women. The program teaches them to sew so they can make money to support their families. Every year, we graduate a new group of women. Check out our Golden Hands blog here.

ER operates a community-based program called Pathway For Hope. You can read more here.

How Can I Serve?

We accept applications from people who want to serve for one month to one year through our short-term volunteer program. In Manila, you could work with the women in our Golden Hands Livelihood training program, our soon-to-launch Dream Centers, or with our partners that serve kids, women and families. We attempt to match your gifts and talents with the many needs we are trying to meet.

What If I’m Part Of A Team?

At ER, we love short-term teams and have hosted them for 20 years. Most teams come for one to two weeks. Teams make a huge impact by providing educational support, kids clubs, sports and recreation, building and maintenance, healthcare, nutrition and more. If you are part of a church, college or a caring group of individuals who want to help others, visit our teams page.

Would I Get To Experience The Culture?

Yes. ER intentionally creates opportunities to see the area and experience the local culture. Whenever possible, we include R&R days that allows you to sightsee, shop at markets and eat at local restaurants.

Is There An Opportunity To Join A Team for Christmas?

Yes. ER hosts Christmas Outreach teams in the Ecuador, South Africa and the Philippines. No experience. These teams are great fun because we bring the joy of Christmas to people who often would not be able to celebrate it. Imagine throwing parties for street kids, kids with cancer and families living in squatter communities. Be part of this compassion! Learn more here.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Click here to learn more about how ER mobilizes people to serve as short-term volunteers. Feel free to email questions about short-term teams to

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